ABI Caravans

The Project

Based in Beverly Yorkshire ABI caravans have been building exceptional quality hand-crafted holiday homes for over four decades, from the design right through to the sale. ABI caravans were revamping an old building and wanted to replace the outdated 400watt metal halides with efficient and cost-effective LED replacements.

The Solution

Ralph Towers Kosnic’s project Area Manager of the North worked with with wholesaler Driffield Electrical and contractor Andrew Smith Electrical to create different schemes to suit a variety of rooms, replacing outdated lighting with the most efficient and modern LED luminaires.
With the task of upgrading the whole site one of the legal requirements is to have emergency lighting. Ralph decided to use a variety of products to achieve this to suit each location, the emergency exit sign Manot and the twin spot emergency light Orda. The Manot is an adaptable exit sign that can be wall-mounted, recessed ceiling mounted or used with a tilting bracket. It is IP65 rated and can be used as either a maintained or non-maintained sign. The Orda comes in either 3 or 7 watts depending on what application is needed. Due to the high ceilings in the warehouse the extra power of the 7watt was needed to reach the required lux level regulation of 1lux to the floor.
For the high ceiling warehouse where the creation of the caravans takes place they needed a product capable of generating high lumens. For this the 240watt Nimbus high-bays were chosen. This is a great product that has an impressive 31,200lm output, can be dimmed or can have a microwave motion sensor attached if required.

“Compliments to Kosnic Lighting with the quality of lights installed it now creates a better working environment.” Very impressed with the quality and light level of all the Kosnic Products used” – Tony Maundrill Projects manager (ABI)

The Result

With the success of the install ABI caravans have asked to have all their warehouses upgraded with the Nimbus high-bays. The staff of the factory think the quality of light is great, making it easier for them to do their inspections tests. Along with the happy staff working in better light conditions the savings made throughout the LED lifetime is an impressive £111,088.00. Making the refit of ABI cavavans a great success.

Energy Saving – Fast Facts

Overall annual KWh reduction: 98,093KWh

Overall annual CO2 (KG) reduction: 52,185 CO2

Overall annual spend (£) reduction: £8,664.86 (compared to traditional flourescent installation)

Payback Period: 36 months

£ Savings over life of LED: £111,088.00

Products Installed

240W Nimbus High-Bay

7w Orda High powered twin spot emergency light

Manot multi purpose exit bulkhead

70w Lena-i integrated LED batten

100w and 200w Della floodlight

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