The Project

The Cadbury World Experience invites young and old alike to uncover a world of chocolate delights. The visitor attraction has grown in size and popularity since it opened in 1990. As part of delivering the best possible visitor experience for guests, Cadbury has been implementing a staged lighting refurbishment throughout the attraction, using the latest in Kosnic LED lighting.

The Brief

Tim Gimbert, Operations Manager at Cadbury World, explains why the move to LED lighting was undertaken: “We are always looking at ways to make the visitor experience even better and we decided to instigate a lighting refurbishment programme to ensure that the lighting was the best it could be for many years to come and to reduce re-lamping maintenance in high traffic flow areas. As well as being every bit as good as the more traditional light sources, the new Kosnic LED lighting is delivering in terms of cost and environmental benefits as well.”

The Solution

As an attraction that is open over 7 days a week, 11 months of the year, with only a short period of closure in January, maintenance was a key issue for the facilities management team. Jon Blackwell, Sales Director at CEL Electrical, worked alongside Tim Gimbert and his team to source the best LED solution for the attraction. Following the preparation of cost calculations and designs for the kitchen, shop and part of the main attraction area, Kosnic’s LED lighting was chosen for use throughout.


Jon comments: ‘With such a narrow window of opportunity to undertake the refurbishment work, it was important to decide upon a lighting scheme that was not only cost effective but also available with little to no lead time. CEL Electrical have had a long standing relationship with Kosnic and have partnered with them on many projects. With their extensive product range available from stock, and knowing their obsession with product quality, they were an obvious choice.”


To keep disruption and installation to a minimum it was decided to specify a solution not dissimilar to the existing lighting scheme. Offering an LED option would enable Cadbury World to benefit from considerable reductions in energy usage and savings in future maintenance costs.


The 22 original 4x18W modular fluorescent fittings in the kitchen area were replaced with 22x Kosnic’s 36W Lumi LED Panel Lights. These were an easy-to-retrofit replacement for the standard ceiling tile fittings and the advanced flicker-free design maintains well-being in visually demanding task areas where users require a high quality uniform light. The Edge-Lit technology of the Kosnic LED panel also achieves a constant glare free light level across the surface of the luminaire.


In the ‘World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop’ the 54 x 2x26W PL lighting fixtures were replaced with 54 x Kosnic 23W 8” Lumi LED downlights. The downlight’s design enhanced the visual appeal of the shop environment: finished in a white trim flush-fit frame with a low profile heatsink, and a recessed light source providing a cool white 4000K ambient light. With an 80° beam angle and excellent colour rendering (CRI 85), these new downlights ensure that the Cadbury goodies are now seen in the best possible light. Jon adds:

“With the inclusion of emergency LED products within the Kosnic range, it was possible to review and upgrade the emergency lighting requirements. Both LED flat panels and LED downlights were fitted with the patented and simple to install ‘Plug&Play’ emergency module kits with the minimum of fuss!”

Finally, in the attraction itself, the 150 x 50W GU10 halogens used to light the waiting area for the popular Cadabra ride were replaced with new track lighting and 150 x Kosnic 4.5W LED PowerSpot GU10s,delivering huge energy savings over halogen lamps without compromising on the brightness. Again these were an easy to retrofit replacement, and once in place rapid payback was achieved: cutting the energy used by around 85% plus lasting up to 15 times longer than the original halogen lamps.

The Result

To date, the move from traditional light sources to LEDs is in total saving the Cadbury World Experience £6,589-65 of electricity per year, with a combined payback period of eight months. Tim Gimbert concludes: “With the Kosnic GU10 PowerSpot lamps part of an ongoing rollout of LED lighting throughout the attraction, the energy and cost savings achieved to date are only set to become even bigger and better over the coming years.”

Products used

• 36W Lumi LED Panel Luminaires x 22

• 23W 8” Lumi LED downlights x 54

• 4.5W LED PowerSpot GU10s x 150

Energy Saving – Fast Facts

Overall annual KWh reduction: 51,663 KWh

Overall annual CO2 (KG) reduction: 27484 CO2

Overall annual spend (£) reduction: £6589.65

Payback Period: 8 months

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