A circular economy approach for lifecycles of products and services

CIRC4Life is an international collaborative innovation project supported by the European Commission’s H2020 Circular Economy programme, the project consortium consists of 17 partners across 8 EU countries. NTU is the lead partner with Professor Daizhong Su as the Project Coordinator. The total project funding is 7.2 million euros including the grant of 6.3 million Euros from the European Commission and 9 million Euros from the industrial partners. The project aims to develop three business models along the product value chain:

The business models are demonstrated in four industrial areas: LED lighting products, computer tablets, meat supply chain, and vegetable farming and food. This is a three year project that started in May 2018 and will finish end October 2021.

Kosnic & CIRC4Life

Kosnic Lighting is responsible for the industrial lighting products demonstration. Kosnic launched the demo in October 2020 and it will last until July 2021 in the Berkshire County (UK). Unfortunately due to COVID19, some demo activities have been postponed or cancelled.

Kosnic has developed a new modular luminaire (Arcus II) with a substantially better environmental impact: the new product is 46% better compared to the previous version. A Life-cycle-assessment (LCA) was conducted to understand the environmental impact of the new product by Nottingham Trent University and used in the design of the new luminaire. More information on Arcus II can be found here.

Social LCA of Kosnic Lighting was also conducted in order to measure the impact of their products on the health, safety and well-being of their workers and the wider impact on the community in which they operate. Kosnic’s social performance compared with other lighting manufacturers is listed below:

Regarding the sustainable consumption model, Eco-costs will be included on product packaging and product documentation. They will also feature in their product catalogue and on their website.

The demo will test the luminaire using a leasing service model. The client will actually no longer buy the luminaire, but will sign a service contract with Kosnic and pay a monthly fee. Kosnic and their business partners will be responsible for maintenance and repair of the product for the duration of the service contract. This leasing service model was co-created following a survey and 2 workshops, involving several companies.  

The new modular luminaire (Arcus II) is now available for leasing. The leasing service aims at encouraging collaborative reuse and recycling as part of the CIRC4Life project which is testing how to extend the life of industrial lighting products and integrate circular economy in design and use phases

Showcasing of this demo will be decided once it is clear what external events can be hosted in Spring 2021 in the UK considering the COVID 19 situation.”

For more information please visit www.circ4life.eu