Dimmer Compatibility

It is important to appreciate that not all dimmer switches will provide effective, smooth and flicker-free dimming. The operation of common mains voltage AC dimmers appears similar but the electrical characteristics vary significantly. While this makes no difference to filament lamps, the effect on the electronics within the CFL lamp can be dramatic and are often incompatible. Please note that all information in this guide is based on testing under laboratory conditions and should be used as guidance only. Because of the complicated application environment, the huge variation in dimmer construction from one model to another it is not possible to guarantee that a lamp will work with a particular dimmer and undesirable effects could be observed even with recommended dimmer switches. In extreme cases incompatible dimmer switches may damage the lamps. On each of our Datasheets, you will find more information, these are downloadable for your own use.


Please ensure that the set-up is tested for performance before committing to a large project.