Mercedes Revisited – 5 years on!

The Project

In 2017 Kosnic Lighting and ACS contractors and air conditioning (Exeter) were tasked with upgrading the outdated fluorescent lighting at Mercedes-Benz Exeter. With over 200 people in the building, they wanted to upgrade to a more reliable and energy efficient LED system.

The Solution

Mercedes Exeter’s was lit with a variety of fittings, 23 600×600 Modular Fitting, 65 2x26w PL lamps, 22 twin T5 Battens, 4 250w low-bays and 2 70w Indirect Battens in a variety of rooms. The Kosnic Project team had to come up with schemes and products to suit each room while still following the look of the building.

The scheme features LUMI LED 30W Twin Bar Panels that deliver constant light across the illuminated surface, helping to maintain wellbeing and making it ideal for use in offices. An easy-fit replacement for standard ceiling tile fittings, the LED has an operating life of 40,000 hours and reduces energy costs by up to 50%. Kosnic’s 24watt commercial downlight was also fitted along with the twin bar panels. These downlights have a high lumen output and along with the anti-glare design of its reflector provides a perfect working environment.

Kosnic’s project team were also tasked with replacing the existing fittings in the workshop, for this they used the 50watt Anti-corrosive batten mounted on the wall.

As with any working environment it is crucial that there is emergency lighting in place. This was an easy choice, Kosnic’s Universal Emergency Module, designed to be used with any class 3 luminaires. The module can be used in maintained and non-maintained systems so can suit any need. The UEM also has a li-Ion battery to help improve the lifespan and delivers light in an emergency situation for at least 3 hours with a reduced output.

The Result

Following on from the success of the Exeter refit Mercedes have now tasked Kosnic and ACS contractors and air conditioning (Exeter) to refit other branches in the south-west area. With the hours usage per year being over 3000 hours, the old fluorescent lamps were costing over £3,854.76 and with only a 8,000 lifetime there is no contest when it compares to the £1,483.89 cost per year and the 40,000 hours lifetime the total saving will be £35,508.90.

Products installed

30w LUMI LED Twin Bar Panel x49

24w and 16w LUMI LED Facata Downlight x55

150w LUMI LED Arcus lowbay x4

50w LUMI LED anti-corrosive Battens x1

Universal Emergency Module x18

Energy Saving – Fast Facts

Overall annual KWh reduction: 20,715KWh

Overall annual CO2 (KG) reduction: 11,020 CO2

Overall annual spend (£) reduction: £2,723.52 (compared to traditional flourescent installation)

Payback Period: 18 months

£ Savings over life of LED: £35,508.80

Mercedes Revisited

5 years later we’ve come back to Mercedes Exeter, and the lighting still provides a brilliant light output and has provided huge cost savings throughout their lifetime.

The Faceta LED downlights provide excelent lighting in the foyer.