Motorwell Mitsubishi Bridport

The Project

Motorwell Mitsubishi Bridport is a car dealership selling new and used Mitsubishi, Citroen and Fiat vehicles in Bridport, Dorset. Part of the Motorwell Group, the Bridport dealership was opened in 2012 as the business expanded. Despite showcasing the latest automotive technology, the showroom lighting scheme was not utilising the latest LED technology on the market, both from a lighting quality and cost saving perspective.

The Brief

Kosnic Lighting Ltd. was tasked to design a new lighting scheme at Motorwell Mitsubishi Bridport to address two key functions. Firstly, the dealership wanted to better showcase its vast range of new and used vehicles on the sales floor. Lighting is extremely important in any sales environment, but even more so in a car dealership when working with high value luxury purchases that are typically very reflective and are often sold on their perceived image as well as their performance. Creating a positive ambience in which potential customers could view and purchase vehicles was extremely important for Motorwell Mitsubishi Bridport. Secondly, the dealership wanted to utilise the possible cost saving benefits of LED technology.

The Solution

A new lighting scheme was designed using Kosnic’s innovative LED products, which were supplied by AJ Electrical Distributors Ltd. in Bridport and installed by Jason White Electrical Services

The showroom had been using 18W Cat 2 modular fittings with colour 840 tubes, 600 x 600 panels, 20W low voltage downlights and 70W metal halide fittings. All of these were removed and replaced with Kosnic LED LUMI 40W 6500K Twin Bar panels (KTWB40PNL-W65). At just 9mm in thickness, the slim daylight panel provides a sleek and stylish LED solution that reduces energy usage and costs by up to 50 percent when compared to fluorescent fittings. The panels are suitable for both surface mounting and suspended installation, with a long operating life of 40,000 plus hours, with seven panels installed as ‘emergency-ready’.

The Kosnic Twin Bar panels are a particularly effective solution for a car showroom, as they have a high lumen output to enhance the overall lighting levels while also achieving excellent colour rending to showcase the paintwork and lines of the vehicles.

In addition to the daylight panels, Kosnic also specified 24W 4000k faceted downlights in the customer seating area to ensure that there was a comfortable level of light when customers are waiting to be seen or considering their purchase.

The Results

The new Kosnic lighting scheme lowered the Motorwell Mitsubishi Bridport dealership’s energy consumption by more than 75 percent, reducing it from 5.5kWh to 1.25kWh. Meanwhile, the light output quadrupled to better illuminate the sales floor and highlight the vehicles on sale.

Electrical installer Jason White says: “As a local electrician, my reputation is everything. Word-of-mouth recommendations are really important for my business, so I need to provide an outstanding service with high quality, reputable products. Receiving embarrassing and expensive call backs for faulty products just isn’t acceptable, and that’s why I enjoy using Kosnic’s LED solutions. The company was a dream to work with on this project, the products were easy to install and have given the showroom a whole new lease of life that really shows off the vehicles while making it feel warm and inviting for customers. The energy savings that the business will receive is an added but extremely important bonus.”

The new LED products used in the project have an 18-month payback period, based upon a ten-hour working day, while replacement lamp and maintenance costs will be reduced due to the long life of the LED technology.

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