POLO – Modular Twist & Lock IP65 Bulkhead


CCT switchable

The CCT switch is located at the front of the LED board, with 3 positions corressponding to 3000K, 4000K  and 5000K

Wattage switchable

It is wattage switchable between 9W, 12W and 15W. The 3-position switch is located at the back of the LED tray.  

Sensor & Emergency

Sockets of plug-in sensor and emergency modules are at the side of the LED driver. 

Plug-in Sensor

1. Configure the sensor to the desired setting using the dip switches. The sensor can be to dusk to dawn & corridor function. 

Order Code: MWS-DC

2. Snap and remove the rectangle covering piece on the LED tray. 

3. Insert the sensor into the holding bracket at the back of the LED tray. Ensure the front of the sensor is visible 

through the rectangular window.

4. Connects the sensor to the socket on the driver marked “sensor”.  

Plug-in Emergency Module

1. Place the Emergency Module in the lot at the base of the fitting, as shown in the diagram above.

Order Code: EMDD02 (standard); EMDD02/ST (selftest)


2. Turn the catches to lock the emergency module in place.



3. Connects the Live (brown) and Neutral (blue) input of the emergence module to the L1 and N of the push wire terminal. 

4. Connects the output output of the emergence module to the socket on the driver marked “EME”. 

Installation Features

Besa Box Mounting Position

The Besa box mounting position is moulded to the center of the base of the fitting

4 Pole Loop-in Loop-out Terminal

The Polo bulk head comes with 4 Pole loop-in loop-out push-wire terminal