The Kosnic Tyne linear luminaire is a T5 non-corrosive LED replacement which has a IP65 rated IK10 durable and rugged polycarbonate construction.

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Downlights are a fantastic way to illuminate a building, Kosnic have wide range of luminaires that are perfect for outside applications. Head to our website or contact the Kosnic team for more info.

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Kosnic are here to help with your next lighting project, we offer a personalised service which assists you to secure your clients approval. Contact the team today!

Services include:
🔹 Client liaison & site surveys
🔹 Cost of ownership calculations
🔹 Product selection advice https://t.co/ZlSTRGKKMK

The Kalem emergency exit sign has a choice of either a standard or self-test model. It has a hidden slot in the frame which allows you to switch out the standard Up legend for legends in different directions.

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We offer a huge range of emergency luminaires, this month we'll be going into more detail on the amazing features they all have, make sure you follow #KosnicEmergencyExits to find out more!

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Some great images of our Alden backlit LED panels installed!

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