10 July 2023

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The Project

Eye-Media design and create large scale advertising Billboard prints which are then displayed on scaffolding during the renovation of busy locations or buildings of interest in Denmark. Eye-Media then sell these desirable advertising locations to premium brands such as Samsung and Absolut Vodka among others. As well as the design and the printing of the billboards Eye-media also need to make sure the advertisement can be seen so have to think about lighting options to give maximum exposure. The advertising installations are temporary, typically 2-4 weeks, so the lighting solutions needs to bring maximum impact. The current lighting solution was behind the times, both in terms of user experience and in delivering efficiency, so the decision to upgrade was made. ACS contractors and air conditioning (Exeter) had worked with Kosnic Lighting before so they tasked the Kosnic Project Team to come up with a solution.

The Brief

On their previous project Eye-Media had used traditional Halogen floodlights as part of the advertising installations. However, having suffered ongoing reliability issues with the Halogen option Eye-Media decided to look at LED lighting as an answer. Due to quick turnaround on Eye-Media projects they also had a requirement for a quick delivery lead time.

The Solution

Working alongside Eye Media, Danish Distributor Encepa A/S helped design the lighting project and select the best lighting solution. After testing a number of different products and manufacturers Eye-Media decided to go with Kosnic’s high wattage Della (200w) floodlight. After testing a number of different products and manufacturers, Eye-Media decided the Della Floodlight offered the best reliability and light output to distribute across the billboard. Along with the UK operation Kosnic Lighting also have a warehouse in France, having available stock with a short lead time was a real bonus.

The Result

With the success of the 200watt Della floodlights it was also decided to add 100watt Della floodlights to the bottom of the billboard to help spread the light across more evenly and to accentuate the advert even more. Eye Media are now using Kosnic Lighting throughout their advertisements and it looks to be a promising ongoing relationship.

Why Kosnic

Partnering with us opens up a world of benefits for lighting wholesalers and electrical contractors. Our adaptability, developed through tackling unique challenges like display lighting, enables us to deliver tailored solutions for your clients’ specific needs even in a fast-paced market. This adaptability, coupled with a deep commitment to understanding client needs, ensures you have access to innovative, customised lighting solutions that cater to a wide spectrum of requirements.

In working with us, you tap into a resource that values client satisfaction and quality service delivery. We do not just provide products; we offer a partnership aimed at tackling unique lighting challenges together, ensuring that the solutions delivered meet client needs and enhance the end-user experience.

Join us to illuminate the path towards brighter and more successful collaborations.

We were impressed with the quality and lighting output of Kosnic Floodlights. The whole experience working with Encepa A/S and the support of Kosnic Lighting have been a pleasure, which we hope to continue