About us

You do more than just install lights…

About us

You do more than just install lights…

That’s why we do more than just make them

Founded in 2002 by husband-and-wife team Wentao Kuang and Ying Hu, Kosnic has grown to become one of the leading designers and manufacturers in emergency lighting, luminaires, LED lamps and bespoke lighting solutions in the UK.

As a family-owned business, we’re proud to not only service wholesalers and contractors in our local community, but throughout the UK as well. We also have a growing global presence in the Middle East, Africa, Australasia and Europe, with a dedicated, on-the-ground branch in Serris, France.

Powered by innovation, forged by family

With an electronics and electrical engineering degree, and a PhD in Robotics, our managing director, Tao, is the vision behind so many of our ground-breaking LED lighting models.

The characteristic, modular design allows for significant cost reductions for wholesalers – because you need to stock fewer SKUs – and also for contractors, because it simplifies the replacement of parts as you only have to change out the parts you need.

We now have over 700 highly successful and in-demand lamps and luminaire products in production. They are widely recognised by trade professionals and their client base as being amongst the most cutting-edge, reliable and wide-ranging available today.

Complementing Tao’s engineering expertise is Ying’s extensive high-end corporate experience, coupled with her magnetic personality and instinctive sales know-how. These traits have always played a huge part in Kosnic’s success. Ying is instrumental in helping us build the kinds of customer relationships that have, in many cases, seen clients stay with us right from the first day we opened our doors.

Together, Tao and Ying are a formidable team, driven not only by their desire to deliver the best products to their clients, but also by the traditional family values they brought with them from China many years ago.

Values they’ve since instilled throughout our workforce, and which drive every aspect of the business – from our relationships with our customers to our commitment to the community.

Stunningly standard, beautifully bespoke

We know that very often, standard fittings provide the perfect solution to your lighting needs. We also understand, however, that there are times when off-the-shelf products either don’t exist for your particular application, or they simply aren’t suitable.

This is why we offer a complete specification, design and manufacturing service for those times when you need to create a unique luminaire for a specific purpose or environment.

We’ll assemble a dedicated projects team, including people from our sales, technical and lighting design departments, to assist you with all aspects of specification, regulatory compliance and sales of our products.

We also offer comprehensive technical training for all our products, as well as personalised showroom tours to help you gain a greater understanding of the almost endless possibilities of LED lighting.

Rooted in reliability, driven to evolve

Evolve is not only the name of our product catalogue but also the driving force behind everything we do. Even the K-shaped butterfly logo you see today evolved from the one Tao scribbled down with a ballpoint pen many years ago.

The butterfly is hugely meaningful and symbolic to Kosnic as a company for two key reasons:


No two butterflies are the same, yet they are all beautiful. In the same way, success cannot be copied (although it may be inspired). We all need to find our own success in our own way.


Every caterpillar can become a butterfly, but being successful is not just reaching the top of the pyramid – it’s simply becoming the best we can be. Success is a journey to be proud of.

Of course, our logo is not the only thing that’s evolved, our company has too – and will continue to do so as we embrace newer and more innovative ways of bringing beautiful yet practical lighting solutions to our customers and theirs.

But it’s not only our products that are evolving – our people are too.

A core part of the Kosnic ethos is our belief that when you give your people the chance to learn and develop, you encourage them to become the best they can be.

At Kosnic, we’re so much more than a lighting manufacturer

We’re a powerhouse of innovation, driven by the need to provide the best products, offer the best service, and create the best working environment for our people.