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Onsite Warranty Policy

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Kosnic Lighting is pleased to provide the following warranty covering all Kosnic branded LED lighting products.

On-site Warranties

2-Year On-Site Warranty


Kosnic Lighting offers 2-year on-site warranty on selected luminaire products, including emergency lighting products marked with the following label in the Evolve Catalogue.

3-Year On-Site Warranty


Kosnic Lighting Ltd offers a 3-year on-site warranty on the DD and K2D range of products. (This warranty only applies when the lamps are installed with a Kosnic emergency module if applicable. Otherwise, only the standard 2-year on-site warranty applies).

Project On-Site Warranty


For lighting projects that are designed and specified by the Kosnic Lighting Ltd project team, provided the specification is not changed, a 1 year extended on-site warranty can be issued (excluding, DD and K2D products). This must be authorised by your Area Project Manager before the installation.


If a product fails within its on-site warranty period, the warranty holder must contact Kosnic Lighting Ltd in writing and will be required to complete a ‘Warranty Claim Form’. 

The estimated cost for repairing and product replacement (excluding cost of travelling and accommodation) must be provided. If the proposed cost is considered fair and reasonable, Kosnic Lighting Ltd will authorise the work and reimburse costs accordingly. 

If the estimated cost is deemed excessive, Kosnic Lighting Ltd will carry out the work with our own qualified engineers. The on-site warranty will be void if the repairing and/or replacement of the faulty products starts before obtaining written authorisation from Kosnic Lighting Ltd

An authorised representative from Kosnic Lighting Ltd must be allowed to have access to the faulty goods and installation site, before, during and after the work being carried out.

The following applies to both Product and On-Site warranties:

The obligation to replace any product under the terms of the warranties set out above shall only apply where it has been used for its intended or ordinary purpose and provided always that the following conditions have been met: 

  1. The warranty period commences on the date on the invoice to the contractor/end user. If proof of invoice cannot be provided, then the manufacturing date determined from the batch code on the product will be used.
  2. Kosnic Lighting Ltd products must be installed correctly, per the product information detailed on our packaging, instruction sheets, product data sheets and best industry practices.
  3. All products repaired or replaced under the Kosnic Lighting Ltd warranty will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty terms and period.
  4. Kosnic Lighting Ltd holds no responsibility for the ‘mismatch’ of products when replacing discontinued product(s) under warranty.
  5. Kosnic Lighting Ltd products under this warranty should not be operated over 5000 hours per year on average within the warranty period.
  6. Kosnic Lighting Ltd cannot be held responsible for the incompatibility of any lamp or luminaire with other manufacturers’ trans-formers, drivers, dimmers or control gear. A guide to compatibility where necessary is published on the Kosnic Lighting Ltd website and is available on demand. Technical advice is always available upon request. 

The acceptance of any claim under any warranty listed above is further subject to our warranty terms and conditions which can be found in our Evolve catalogue.

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