10 July 2023

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Upgrading Lighting for a Brighter Future

Charlton School, a thriving comprehensive school in Telford, prioritises the well-being and academic success of its students. However, their outdated lighting system, with inefficient 2x36W downlights throughout, posed several challenges:

  • High Energy Consumption: The existing lights were energy guzzlers, contributing to rising costs and a larger carbon footprint.
  • Inadequate Light Output: The lights weren’t powerful enough for essential areas like hallways, toilets, and the main hall, impacting student and staff productivity and safety.
  • Uninspiring Environment: The outdated lighting did little to create a welcoming and stimulating learning environment.

Addressing the Challenges: A Collaborative Approach

To tackle these issues, Kosnic Lighting partnered with RMW Electrical to understand Charlton’s specific needs. This involved:

  • Site Visit and Needs Assessment: A dedicated team visited the school to assess the lighting situation and discuss the school’s vision for improvement.
  • Customised Lighting Plan: Based on the findings, a comprehensive new lighting plan was created, addressing energy efficiency, light quality, and aesthetics.
  • Cost of Ownership Analysis: A detailed cost breakdown, including projected energy savings, was presented to the school’s management team. This transparent approach ensured informed decision-making.
  • Expert Installation: The transformation was expertly handled by RMW Electrical, whose precision and expertise in installation played a pivotal role in illuminating Charlton School’s path to efficiency and vibrancy.

A Solution Tailored for Success

On the advice of Kosnic and RMW Electrical, Charlton opted for a complete lighting upgrade, replacing the old fixtures with innovative LED solutions:

  • Corridors & Toilets: Energy-efficient 20W Alden panels delivered significant savings (up to 50%) compared to traditional fluorescents. They also provided flicker-free, high-lumen output, and a long lifespan.
  • Main Hall & Drama Area: The stylish and elegant DALI-enabled Kurve fittings were installed. These modular luminaires offered adjustable dimming, switchable wattage, and colour temperature for enhanced flexibility and control over the lighting ambiance.
  • Stairwells: Robust and low-maintenance Ossa bulkheads with emergency backup ensured optimal safety and visibility. Robust, low-maintenance and modular Ossa bulkheads with plug & play emergency backup ensured optimal safety and visibility

Measurable Results and a Brighter Future

The project exceeded expectations. Charlton School reported:

  • Improved Overall Lighting Quality: The new system provided brighter, more consistent lighting, fostering a more conducive learning environment.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: The modern fixtures created a cleaner, more inviting space.
  • Significant Projected Cost Savings: Projected annual savings of:
  • £28,877.50 on energy costs
  • 103,134 KW of energy
  • 54,867 kg of CO2 emissions reduction
  • With a payback period of only 16 months

Beyond Illumination: A Sustainable Partnership

This collaboration between Kosnic and RMW Electrical demonstrates the shared commitment to sustainability and delivering superior solutions. The project’s success stemmed from:

  • In-depth Site Surveys: Understanding Charlton’s specific needs was crucial for crafting the right solution.
  • Detailed Planning & Cost Analysis: Transparent cost breakdowns empowered Charlton to make informed decisions.
  • Industry Expertise: Combining Kosnic’s advanced lighting solutions with RMW’s electrical expertise ensured a seamless and successful project.

Charlton School’s lighting upgrade serves as a model for other educational institutions seeking to:

  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Create a brighter, more stimulating learning environment for students and staff.
  • Achieve cost savings to reinvest in educational resources.

This case study demonstrates that investing in sustainable lighting solutions can illuminate schools’ paths towards a brighter future, not just literally, but environmentally and financially as well.

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