Project & Specification

At Kosnic, the design, development and manufacture of low energy LED solutions is our business. So is helping our customers think about their lighting and how it can help combat ever increasing energy prices, reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions. Lighting will typically account for around 25% to 40% of a buildings energy usage. Kosnic LED lighting can dramatically reduce this, using between 50% and 90% less energy than traditional lamp types such as halogen, fluorescent or filament.

What We Do

Services available to you include:

• Client liaison and site surveys
• Cost of ownership calculations
• Lighting design schemes
• Technical support
• Sales tools and product selection advice


Working closely with our Wholesale and Distribution partners, our aim is to help you build a compelling business case to persuade customers of the benefits of switching to a Kosnic LED solution.

Client Liaison and Site Surveys

To enable us to build a picture of the project, provide accurate replacement models and cost saving calculations, we require information such as the type of lamps currently being used, quantities involved, working areas and usage. Depending on the complexity and scale of the project, we will visit the premises to conduct a site survey.

Cost Of Ownership Calculations

After conducting a site survey, we will prepare a detailed cost analysis to present to both you and the client. Our cost of ownership calculator highlights the key comparisons between existing lamps and the proposed Kosnic LED replacement, showing the overall annual spend reduction, kWh reduction, CO2 emission reduction and payback period. Whatever the size of the project, helping secure the clients approval is our aim.