10 July 2023

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A tailored solution for museums

The Client

The client, a renowned museum trust, is located in a highly frequented area and prides itself on its unique and diverse exhibitions. However, they were grappling with an issue – their existing lighting was not showcasing their exhibits to their full potential. Moreover, they had concerns about the potential damage that could be inflicted by their outdated lighting technology.

Our Customised Solution

To address the museum’s specific needs, we provided our product, the Tatio Wall Washer (KWWDL25Q). Recognising that the standard output was too intense for the delicate nature of their exhibits, we customised our solution by supplying the fittings with lower output drivers. This tailored approach was designed to protect the exhibits while simultaneously enhancing their presentation.

Impact and client satisfaction

The results were immediate and impressive. The quality of light improved substantially, showcasing the exhibits in their best light. Visitor experience was greatly enhanced, a fact confirmed by testimonials in a joint publication with a local Shropshire magazine. Our collaboration with the museum, the wholesaler, and RMW Electrical Engineers is what made this installation so successful, demonstrating the mutual benefits of working together.



At a glance

  • 40 savings in energy costs
  • 75% savings in replacement fittings 

Future Opportunities and Overcoming Challenges

Working closely with RMW Electrical Engineers, we faced and overcame the challenge of sourcing the reduced output drivers and fittings swiftly, to ensure we were able to fully not only meet, but exceed the client brief.

Strengthening our Business Relationships

RMW Electrical Engineers, a regular collaborator, prides themselves on being reliable and approachable in their community. Winning prestigious projects like this one aligns perfectly with their ethos. The collaboration with our partners is a critical success factor with all projects, and we pride ourselves in terms of the strong relationships we have been able to build over time.

Why Kosnic

Partnering with us opens up a world of benefits for lighting wholesalers and electrical contractors. Our adaptability, developed through tackling unique challenges like display lighting, enables us to deliver tailored solutions for your clients’ specific needs even in a fast-paced market. This adaptability, coupled with a deep commitment to understanding client needs, ensures you have access to innovative, customised lighting solutions that cater to a wide spectrum of requirements.

In working with us, you tap into a resource that values client satisfaction and quality service delivery. We do not just provide products; we offer a partnership aimed at tackling unique lighting challenges together, ensuring that the solutions delivered meet client needs and enhance the end-user experience.

Join us to illuminate the path towards brighter and more successful collaborations.