Kosnic Lighting in Shropshire Magazine

Kosnic are delighted to be featured in the Platinum Jubilee edition of Shropshire Magazine. Kosnic’s in-house Project team worked with RMW electrical engineers to create two lighting schemes.

First for Maxpack, who needed to upgrade their lighting within the office and warehouse. Ultra high efficiency lighting was achieved with the use of the 120w Nimbus III LED high bay. With it’s adjustable beam angle, optional remote-control microwave sensor and high efficiency of 160 lumen per watt, it makes a perfect fit for warehouse environments where bright lighting is required.

Secondly, lighting was modernised at the Soldiers of Shropshire Museum with the use of the Tatio-R rectangular LED wall washer. This high performance COB LED replaced the outdated CFL lights which are situated inside the museum cabinets, providing brilliant light to showcase the museums collections.

For more information or to enquire how the Kosnic project team can help with your upcoming project email project@kosnic.com