Niva III – Wattage & CCT Switchable Interior Batten with Integrated LED


CCT Switching

The CCT switch has three different options of 3000K, 4000K and 6000K and the switch is located on the inside of the fitting.

Wattage Switching

The wattage switch is located on the inside of the fitting and there are two different options to choose from. Available on the Twin Output.

Sensor & Emergency

The plug-in Sensor & Emergency Module can be easily secured to the tray of the fitting with the clips.

Ultra-High Energy Efficiency

It achieves an ultra-high energy efficiency of up to 156lm/W which can save you energy by 10% and £95 over the lifetime of the product. 


Based on estimated electricity costs @ 0.35p/unit from 1st October 2022.


The product is comes with a PHILIPS CertaDrive LED Driver.

Plug-in Emergency Module

Batten UEM – BEM203 (Standard) & BEM203/ST (Self-Test)

1. Plug the battery into the Emergency Module and place the Emergency Module between the locking clips and rotate them to lock the module in place.

2. Connect the cables with the corresponding labels together for easy installation, for example: A and A, B and B, etc.

3. Afterwards, connect the test switch to the emergency module and push the LED indicator to the hole at the end of the fitting. 

Plug-in ON/OFF Microwave Sensor

Microwave Sensor – NIV-MWS

1. Push the Microwave Sensor into the batten making sure it is secured by the clips. 

2. For easy installation, connect the cables labelled A(S) and B(S) together. 

3. Afterwards, connect the cables labelled A and A together and then B and B.

Installation Features

Push Release Hinged Tray

Easy installation with the press and release end caps on both ends of the fitting. 

BESA Box Fitting Points

The BESA Box fitting point is located on the bottom in the middle of the fitting. 

20mm Conduit Entry

The 20mm Conduit Entry point is located on both sides of the fitting.

Niva III Sensor & Niva III DALI

Built-in Microwave Sensor

Niva III is available in a sensor version and it comes with a built-in microwave sensor with corridor function. 


The Niva III is also available with DALI and PUSH Dimming.