Radio Frequency Controlled LED Driver

Product Overview


The radio frequency LED driver can be controlled via a selection of remote control devices. Each control device can switch a number of drivers on and off as well as allowing dimming control. The remote controls are available as fixed mains powered or battery powered portable devices offering single or multiple channel control, so that a single controller can operate up to four different sets of drivers and luminaires. Each driver can be paired with up to eight different control devices. The driver may also be controlled via a simple PUSH button control. The driver is suitable for use with a wide range of LED luminaires and has s selectable constant current output.




  • Dimmable LED driver with RF control
  • Max. output power 50W
  • 1 channel 250-1500mA constant current output
  • Class II, IP20
  • High power factor and efficiency
  • Compatible with a variety of single RF remote controls
  • Suitable for indoor LED lighting applications
  • Radio Frequency : 868/869.5/916.5/434mhz
  • Short circuit, over voltage and overload protection




Remote Control Specifications