Reintroducing the newly upgraded Kennet batten which now has DALI or microwave sensor options.

The Kennet is an interior surface mount slim profile batten, making them an ideal replacement for twin T8 surface mount battens with 20mm conduit entries.

This switchable CCT batten is available in three wattage’s, 30W, 48W and 65W with DALI versions available for all three. Kennet is a flicker-free batten making it suitable for a wide range of applications including offices, corridors, warehouses, factories and garages.

The modular design of Kennet means that they can be adapted to have corridor functionality with the plug in motion and daylight microwave sensor. It also has corridor functionality, with the addition of a plug-in motion and daylight microwave sensor.

They can be paired with optional plug-in self-test and standard emergency modules.

The Kennet has a standard warranty of 5 years which can be extended to 7 years by application.

Quick features

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