Harnessing Solar Energy

Kosnic now offer a variety of solar powered luminaires, delivering an eco-friendly option, that will reduce both energy bills and carbon footprints. With the already popular Vega floodlight and Tarkine Solar bollard, additional luminaires have been added to the range, including Mushroom, a portable solar powered table top lamp and Aria, a new commercial floodlight, launched in our Evolve 6 catalogue.


Solar powered commercial floodlight

The Kosnic Vega LED Floodlight runs from an internal battery, recharged by the Monocrystalline silicon solar panel. It has a built-in microwave sensor via a remote to set the floodlight into detection mode. When detection mode is selected the floodlight stays on at a dimmed level (10%) and raises the light level when motion is detected. The floodlight is rated for outdoor use and is simple to install requiring no external wiring.

• Provided with high output monocrystalline silicon solar panel
• High efficiency upto 170lm/W
• Dusk to dawn / microwave sensor option
• Easy installation with no mains wiring required

Vega is available in four lumen outputs, 300lm, 700lm, 1100lm and 1800lm

Vega 300lm
Vega 700lm
Vega 1100lm
Vega 1800lm
Tarkine Solar

Solar powered aluminium diecast bollards with integrated LED

The Tarkine Solar offers an affordable product with high lumen efficiency and a long life. The bollards are made from die-cast aluminium with a polycarbonate diffuser and features an integrated polycrystalline solar panel. They are available in black or grey with a choice of heights.

• Integrated high output Polycrystalline silicon solar panel
• Built-in PIR and daylight sensor
• Multiple operation mode with different light level setting
• Die-cast aluminium body with polycarbonate diffuser
• Options of various heights

• Black or dark grey textured powder coat finishing

Tarkine Solar is available in three heights, 400m, 650mm and 800mm

Tarkine Solar 800mm
Tarkine Solar 650mm
Tarkine Solar 400mm
Tarkine Solar Wall Light

Portable solar table lamp

• Stylish design for both in door and out door applications
• 3 modes of operation with max output of 440lm
• Type C USB charging cable provided

Mushroom Black
Mushroom White

Solar powered domestic LED floodlight

• Provided with high output monocrystalline silicon solar panel
• PIR sensor and daylight sensor
• Three sensor modes
• Supplied with a ground spike
• Solar panel and flood light can be installed up to 2m apart with included extension cable

• PIR detection 90 ° / 8 m
• ABS and polycarbonate housing
• Easy installation with no need of wiring
• Suitable for coastal applications
• Minimal impact on wildlife