Neka – Universal Emergency Kit for ALL Downlights

Neka EMPAD01 (ID06766)
Fire Rated, Tested & Verified

Neka has been fire rated, tested and verified with our fire rated downlights at an independent testing laboratory, SGS.

It’s self-adhesive design means no additional drill points are necessary for installation, so it maintains the fire rating!

IP Rating

The LED indicator pad is waterproof which maintains the downlight’s IP rating.

Easy Installation

1. Peel the plastic backing off the indicator pad and bend at a 90° angle in the middle.


2. Stick the indicator pad to the downlight flange and press down firmly to ensure a tight seal.

3. Make sure both the green and white LED are still visible when sticking the indicator pad to the downlight.

Suitable for All Downlights




Front View