The Alden-Pro is a CCT and wattage switchable backlit LED panel with emergency option.

Alden-Pro has two mounting options, it can be ceiling recess mounted which gives it a IP44 rating or it can be suspended when installed with the optional suspension kit.

The square edge tray with robust structure allows even light distribution around the edge, whilst also providing a flicker free high lumen output.

With more options than the standard version of the Alden, the Alden-Pro has two additional sizes. The Alden-Pro also boasts the capability of being colour and wattage switchable.

Alden-Pro can be adapted with a DALI 1-10V and PUSH driver for dimming capabilities. It can also be modified with and an emergency module, both can be purchased separately.

The Alden-Pro has a standard warranty of 5 years which can be extended to 7 years by application.

Quick features

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