Introducing the K2D: Kosnic Lighting’s new innovative LED DD

Based on Kosnic Lighting’s bestselling LED DD range the K2D lamps take on a fresh approach to functional lighting featuring switchable wattage between 9W,12W and 18W as well as switchable CCT, from 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. The K2D lamps are also available in standard or built-in dusk to dawn with corridor function setting.

The lamps are compatible with Kosnic’s plug-in emergency modules so there are no barriers to fitting LEDs in commercial fittings. The products bring the energy saving capabilities of LED technology to the commercial environment and the lamps can quickly replace existing fluorescent lamps with no rewiring where space allows.

More product for your money

With the ever-growing industry of LED lighting and more choices, Kosnic decided to combine every benefit of their award-winning LED DD lamp including the colour temperature and wattage choice into 1 lamp. It even includes the patented built-in emergency socket and LED indicator fitted as standard. There is no other LED DD lamp on the market like the K2D. The lamp alone offers 9 products in one, saving valuable stock space and giving the user flexibility to customise the product to suit any application.

Moving into modular concepts

Kosnic has always strived to deliver modular concepts that provide outstanding choice, flexibility and ease of installation – it’s what installers want and it’s what led to the development of Kosnic’s flagship product, the LED DD lamp. The K2D goes that one step further, market research amongst installers highlighted that there is a huge demand for a flexible product, leading Kosnic to develop a solution that offers even more flexibility in functionality and aesthetics while working in conjunction with its market-leading LED DD lamp.

Along with the K2D range Kosnic have introduced the Ossa, an IP65, IK10 slimline bulkhead, the bulkhead has a choice of 3 clip-on rings. To maximise stock choice if the K2D is bought with the Ossa range, the 2 optional emergency DD models (standard or self-test) then these products combined give the consumer a total of 324 combinations with beautiful uniformity illumination. A great product range to give maximum flexibility.  

K2D Features:

• Selectable 9W, 12W or 18W option
• Selectable 3000K, 4000K or 5000K option
• Save energy up to 65% compared with a fluorescent lamp with magnetic ballast
• Single side high lumen output for light only where it’s needed
• Optional 10% dimming corridor function
• Long life of 30,000h
• Compatible with Kosnic’s standard and self-test emergency modules

For more information, please click the link – K2D