Blanca LED Bulkhead with Clip On Rings Arrives

Introducing the Blanca Range

Kosnic’s IP65 rated LED bulkhead for LED DD lamps with additional emergency option is here! An essential addition for day to day applications and ideal for lighting in corridors, staircases, security zones thoroughfares and other areas where a practical lighting solution is required while remaining low maintenance and robust. The Blanca range is also available with an Integrated LED Tray or for LED DD Lamps, at the customer’s decision. There are also four options for decorative rings in Eyelid, White, Chrome and Brass (above), making it easy to have stylish decor as well as safety.


Blanca-i, the Integrated Bulkhead

Features of our Blanca Bulkhead, with integrated LED Tray include:

Standard 12W 4000K 1120lm

Emergency 12W 4000K 1120lm


Blanca bulkheads for Kosnic’s LED DD lamps

Features of our Blanca Bulkhead for our LED DD Lamps include:


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