The Self-test Universal Emergency Module is now available!

Kosnic’s Universal Emergency Module (UEM) is suitable for ALL LED luminaires (Class III) with a separate external LED driver, regardless of their manufacturer. Both innovative and unique, it’s the only universal emergency module of its kind that uses Adaptive Current Control (ACC) – developed at the Kosnic Technology Centre (KTC).

With ACC, the UEM’s built-in LED driver finds the forward voltage of the LED module and automatically adjusts the output current to provide a predefined “constant wattage”, around 3W. This ensures the discharge time remains constant regardless of the choice of LED luminaire, delivering the required 3 hours of light when operated in emergency mode as stated by BS 5266.

Our Universal Emergency Module is designed to plug-in to any existing LED luminaires that have a separate external driver. DC jack connections are often found on LED panels and downlights.
For LED Luminaires with a DC jack: A Three-way Connector is provided for easy installation.

Need some help with installing the UEM? Watch our two handy tutorials to help you out.