Retail Lighting Tips

Knowing the customers

In retail lighting it’s essential to know the customer of the particular retail area, for example is the space selling or attracting high end sales, or a cheaper commodity sale? Different moods can be created by lighting and this difference in lighting styles can create different effects to a product.

Darker areas with patches of high light can create mood lighting or highlight specific products. This type of lighting is often seen in smaller high end clothing stores, furniture shops or expensive restaurants.

Whereas large open bright areas can create a more affordable look. This looks is often used in large retail outlets or food shops to make the large area feel more open whilst the areas are filled with more products, the trick here is to illuminate as many products to sell more and have the end user believing they aren’t spending much money.

retail lighting tips

Peacocks White River Place store in St. Austell, Cornwall with Kosnic luminaires

retail lighting tips

Kosnic LED panels in All Rounder Cricket and Hockey store, Sheffield


Types of Lighting to use

Shops that often change display or like to highlight areas should move towards our track and spots type products as this is a flexible approach to lighting and future proof for moving items around. Whereas large open plan lighting would go for a more formal lighting, such as panel, high/low bays, or interior battens.

Quite often found in retail lighting is two levels of lighting – a base layer of lighting – this is an overall level of lighting that gives a nice even spread of lighting. Then a few spots of light or directional light fittings – this gives a nice effect of good bright lighting whilst enhancing certain areas within the retail unit.

A high CRI (colour rendering index) of 90 or above is favourable within retail units as this helps the end customer to see exactly what they’re buying. This type of lighting product shows the product in its truest colour.

Lighting can make or break a shop and does help to sell products so the design team are the perfect experts to try and increase sales turnovers via clever lighting design.

If you need help with a project, email the projects team at: project@kosnic.com