National Apprentice Week 2019

This is the first time that Kosnic Lighting has participated in the apprentice scheme and for National Apprenticeship Week, we have dedicated an article to our apprentice Matt.

Matt has been with Kosnic since October 2017 and is thriving in his role as Customer Service Co-Ordinator. We asked him a few questions on his experience so far with the company.

What have you learnt?

In my time at Kosnic, I have learnt a lot. Especially about the manufacturing of lighting which I had no experience in before. I have gained a lot of useful information about my job role during my time so far thanks to the help and guidance of my peers.

What are the differences between school life and office life?

The main difference that I have found between school life and office life is that no two days are the same. Because of this I am always learning knew things and developing my skills.

How did you find settling into office life?

Settling into the office was easy at Kosnic as I have a lot of helpful people around me. I believe this is because they too have been in my position so know what it is like to be a new starter in a different environment.

What advice would you give to someone looking for / applying for an apprenticeship?

The main advice for someone thinking of doing an apprenticeship would be GO FOR IT. There is no better way to start off your life, as I firmly believe you will have a head start compared to people who go to college.

Craig Barrett, Customer Services Manager commented on the scheme,

“With a recent need for recruitment into the Customer Service Team, Kosnic Lighting decided to look into the apprenticeship scheme.”

“The scheme allowed Kosnic Lighting to interview a selection of talented and outgoing young people who felt higher education was not for them. As Kosnic were able to select young people straight out of education it was felt the apprentice could be moulded to suit the culture of the business while also demonstrating positive learning behaviours.”

“Through the apprenticeship scheme and working with the West Berkshire Training Consortium, Kosnic Lighting were presented with a number of suitable candidates to enable us to select our apprentice. After experiencing the benefits of recruiting an apprentice, as a business we would be happy to do so again for future recruitment needs.”

It can be difficult to figure out what to do with your career and how your future might plan out. However, the skills that Matt has and will learn is providing the building blocks for his career.