New Lighting Regulations

From September 2021 new SLR (Single Lighting Regulation) (EU) 2019/2020 and ELR (Energy Labelling Regulation) (EU) 2019/2015 come into effect for lighting sold in the UK and EU. The UK will be adopting the legislation into UK law and not diverging from it.

Both Lamps and LED’s within luminaires/containing products will essentially be classed as “Light sources” as part of this upcoming legislation. All light sources will need to be categorised for example as removeable replaceable, non-removable, non-replaceable and so on for eco design legislation requirements. If a light source is not removeable/replaceable then some technical justification by the manufacturer will be required within the technical documentation of the product.

A new energy label will also be implemented and displayed where required. This label will cover energy ratings of A-G. Due to legislation requiring ever increased energy efficiency, existing products which may be rated as A+ under the current label, will now be re-graded using the new energy efficiency calculation and will therefore be of a lower energy efficiency class as per the new upcoming ELR. This will allow for new developments in lighting technology to be of a higher energy class under the new labelling system.

There is also an upcoming requirement for much more product data to be made available to the public. This will be achieved via the EU EPREL database scheme and will be ultimately available to members of the public, and also market surveillance authorities both in the EU and UK. Members of the public will be able so scan a QR code generated as part of the energy label and retrieve technical data about the product.

Kosnic will always strive ensure that our products remain compliant with existing and upcoming legislative requirements. Wholesalers and the end customer can rest assured that our products will continue to comply going forward, this is backed up by regular audits from industry bodies as well as ISO certified quality management systems.