All Kosnic Panels are TP rated!

For guaranteed TP(a) or TP(b) rated panels then think of Kosnic Lighting.

TP ratings

Thermoplastic (TP) materials undergo particular tests to verify their ability to withstand the application of heat and fire. The Building Regulations Approved Document B is where the requirements are established and sets out the fire safety of buildings. Section B2 covers internal fire spread.

There are two ratings available for thermoplastic materials are TP(a) and TP(b).

TP(a) rating

TP(a) usually relates to polycarbonate diffusers with at least three mm of thickness. The testing procedure requires any flaming and afterglow must not exceed five seconds once the source of flame is removed and that the material self-extinguishes.

There is no restriction to the use of TP(a)-rated diffuser material.

TP(b) rating

TP(b) materials tend to be acrylic or polystyrene. It is a more problematic material because its use is limited by the extent of the installation. The testing for TP(b) requires a flame presented to the material.