Mauna Fire Can – IP65 GU10 Fire-Rated Downlight with Interchangeable Bezels

Simple Stock Management
Mauna Fire Can Simple Stock Management

The Mauna Fire Can is the perfect product for simple stock management with only one product plus the bezels of your choice. In comparison with the market having IP20 & IP65 each with a different bezel finish, which makes a total of 12 SKUs to stock.

Neka Emergency Kit
Magnetic Interchangeable Bezels

Emergency Kit

Our universal emergency kit, Neka, can be used with this product and will turn your downlight into an emergency downlight, without the need for drilling.

Interchangeable Bezels

Magnetic interchangeable bezels are available in a variety of different styles and finishes, including the larger conceal bezels and can be used with our other downlights.


We recommend that you use a GU10  lamp with a height of ≤54mm with our Mauna Fire Can.

Emergency Kit Installation

Product Code – EMPAD01

Mauna Fire Can & Neka 1

1. First, connect the battery inside the main body of the Neka and then close the fitting.

2. Connect the LED indicator pad to the Neka and peel the plastic backing off.

Mauna Fire Can & Neka 2

3. Afterwards, stick the LED indicator pad to the flange of the downlight – press firmly to ensure full adhesion.

Mauna Fire Can & Neka 3

4. Make sure both LEDs are visible on the indicator pad over the flange of the downlight.

Installation Features
Mauna Fire Can Pull-Out Sausage Connector

Pull-Out Sausage Connector

The Mauna Fire Can has a pull-out sausage connector for easy installation of the GU10 lamp. 

Mauna Fire Can Low Profile

Low Profile

It has a low profile of 70mm, in comparison with others on the market at 107mm and can be installed under the insulation layer.