Kosnic Floodlight Range

The Kosnic floodlight range offers a diverse selection of LED lighting solutions for outdoor environments. With a variety of wattage options and accessories, they offer an excellent long life light output, with instant energy savings over halogen or CFL floodlights. Offering a wide variety of features including, multiple sensor options, a broad choice of wattages ranging from 10 watts to 1200 watts and switchable colour temperatures.

Kosnic LED floodlight, the Ventas, a CCT switching luminaire with multiple sensor options.

The Ventas floodlight has a modular design that allows the option to easily install a plug & play sensor. With the choice of three detachable sensors including dusk to dawn, PIR sensor and PIR sensor with remote control. The 10W and 20W versions are available in a colour temperature of either 4000K or 6500K whilst the 30W and 50W versions have the option of switchable CCT, allowing the choice of either 3000K or 6500K.

Rhine is an energy efficient LED floodlight available in multiple wattages.

Rhine LED Floodlights make ideal replacements for energy-hungry halogen lighting. Suitable for outdoor use, the range offers affordable products with high lumen efficiency and a long life. Available in two versions, with a PIR sensor or without a PIR sensor, both in a choice of four wattages, 10w, 20w, 30w & 50w.

Della is a high powered LED flood with a long life of 40,000 hours.

The Della is a high powered floodlight, with a long life of 40,000 hours. Della has a 5 year warranty as standard which can be extended to 7 years, just complete the extended warranty form on the Kosnic website.

Vega is Kosnic's latest floodlight that is solar powered.

Vega is Kosnic’s newest edition to the floodlight range. This LED floodlight is solar powered, running from an internal battery, recharged by the Monocrystalline silicon solar panel. It has a built-in microwave sensor via a remote control to set the floodlight into detection mode. The floodlight is rated for outdoor use and is simple to install requiring no external wiring.

Havasu, a wattage switchable high powered LED floodlight.

Havasu is a wattage switchable LED floodlight, offering a wattage selection from 80 watts to 240 watts. This high powered premium slim line luminaire is available with a variety of illumination
patterns, running with an ultra high efficiency of 150 watts per lumen and a long life span of 54,000 hours.

Vermillion is a flicker free ultra high efficiency LED floodlight.

Vermillion is a high powered premium luminaire, available in various wattage and illumination pattern choices. Each module can be angled independently and are IP66 rated for outdoor use, robust and have high lumen efficiency. Vermillion offers a choice of four wattage options, ranging from 300 watts to 1200 watts.

Thorpeak is a premium LED floodlight with multiple wattage options.

Thorpeak is premium high power floodlight offering wattages from 300 watts up to 1200 watts, at a ultra high efficiency of 140 lumen per watt. Available in a variety of illumination pattern choices and the modular spacing allows for enhanced heat dissipation. Thorpeak has a robust design and IP66 rating.

Kosnic offers a variety of fixing accessories.

Kosnic floodlights offer multiple fixing options helping you to find the perfect lighting solution.

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