Advancing energy efficiency

Kosnic offer a wide selection of adaptive controls, gears and motion sensors to suit the flexibility of any type of office. By eliminating the need of manually adjusting numerous lighting switches within an office area can massively increase the energy efficiency and contribute to the productivity of staff. Studies show that by having the right light levels in an office area can increase productivity.

Adaptive controls.

To help control the lux levels in an office use the daylight harvesting control near windows, the driver automatically adapts the lighting to the ambient conditions by dimming the panel output to maintain the required illumination level, saving even more energy.

Control gears/ motion sensors

For less frequently used rooms such as small meeting rooms having automatic motion sensors enable simple energy saving solutions. The CYANIRIS Microwave Presence Sensor for LED Panels uses light only when and where you need it. The sensor automatically switches the panel on and off and it also has a built-in light sensor which can be used to prevent the panel from switching on above a set lux level. 

Using the wireless Radio Frequency controlled LED Drivers in boardrooms and meeting rooms allows the user to control the light levels with a remote. The remote controls can operate up to 4 different sets of drivers and luminaires allowing the user to control the light levels where the focus needs to be.

Key Features:

• All Kosnic controls come with a minimum 3 year warranty
• Easy to install on Kosnic LED panels
• Wide range of controls to suit all your needs – including the 3 in 1 dimmable driver (DALI, PUSH & 1-10V)
• Compatible with Kosnic’s standard and self-test Universal Emergency Modules