CIRC4Life  is a project funded under the Horizon 2020 programme with 17 partners from across 8 EU countries. It aims to develop and implement a circular economy approach for sustainable products and services through their demand and supply chains.  Three new circular economy business models will be developed including:

The project will focus on electrical and electronic products (E&E) and Farming/agri-food sectors with four large scale demonstration cases:

The Co-creation of Products/Services model will bring end-users closer to the design and manufacturing phases by identifying consumer preferences Big-data online mining product reviews and evaluating product specifications and prototypes through Living Labs to customise end-user requirements.

The Sustainable Consumption model will develop a method to calculate the eco-points of products based on the outcome of the FP7 myEcoCost project, assess product environment footprints (PEF), provide a traceable solution to monitor product’s sustainability along the value chain, and support end-users and stakeholders to actively implement the circular economy by raising awareness and implementing activities that share knowledge..

The Collaborative Recycling/Reuse model will develop a system for stakeholders to interact with each other in order to facilitate the use/reuse of end-of-life products and it will reduce waste, and implement the eco-credits awarding scheme to encourage people to recycle/reuse.

The role of Kosnic Lighting in the project is the creation of a proposed modular industrial luminaire and leasing business model for improved sustainability, including;

Co-creation means that Kosnic will need to create a model that brings the end-users closer to the design and manufacturing phases so that Kosnic produce a product that meets their needs.

For more information please visit www.circ4life.eu


This project has received funding under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant agreement No.776503