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Cost effective solutions for a circular economy

Modularity is at the core of Kosnic Lighting – our products are compatible across multiple different product ranges. Take the universal remote control for example, 1 product that can be used with high-bays, surface luminaires, fire-rated PIR sensors and linear luminaires. 

Adding controls into the mix – our new Evolve 7 catalogue expands our growing family range. They help to enhance your lighting and help reduce energy costs. No need to remember to turn the lights off or adjust the light setting, our controls can do this automatically and are suitable for all applications.


Mauna PIR sensor

The fire rated PIR sensor has interchangeable magnetic bezels, scheme selection on the front under the magnetic bezel. It also has ON/OFF and Phase cut dimming

Universal remote

You can manage the settings of the sensors around the building with the universal remote. 

Neka - universal emergency kit

Need to make the fire-rated PIR into an emergency downlight. The Neka is a completely universal emergency kit that fits on ANY downlight. The Neka keeps the fire rating of the fitting and also has a waterproof indicator. 

Add-on sensor options

Using our add-on sensors to our already modular products gives the user maximum flexibility with their lighting. We have plug-in sensors for our surface luminaries, linear luminaires & high/low-bays. We even have a remote control that can work all the different sensors in 1 go. No need to have multiple remotes – just use 1 – the universal remote control 

Plug-In Motion Sensor

Our plug-in microwave motion and daylight sensor works with a large amount of our integrated bulkheads, interior linear luminaries and lowbays. It is also compatible with our universal remote control. It is a super compact plug and play sensor

P30 Side-Mount PIR Sensor

Designed to be installed at M20 conduit entry this PIR sensor has automatic switching based on presence and ambient light sensing. It can be easily configured with the universal remote control and helps the user maximise energy efficiency with the sensor settings.  

Zhaga Microwave Sensor

With a mounting height of up to 15 meters this sensor is perfect with our Arcus III lowbay and Echo III highbays. It has corridor function with dimming output giving the user a great energy saving as it will automatically detect movement and reduce the light levels accordingly. 

Stand alone sensor options

At Kosnic we have a range of stand alone sensors, available for interior and exterior use. 

P20 Exterior PIR Sensor

A modular IP54 ON/OFF PIR sensor with 3 mounting options. It is designed for wall, ceiling and corner mounting and available in black and white. It is also compatible with the Universal remote control making this an easy to use and flexible product. 

D20 Exterior Daylight Sensor

This ON/OFF IP54 dusk to dawn sensor is wall mounted and has a max load of 1000W (inductive) / 2000W (resistive)

M11 Recessed Motion Sensor

Another modular option of our control range is our microwave & light sensor with remote control setting. It has optional daylight harvesting and stand-by dimming giving the user flexibility as well as helping save energy 

Modular approach