ECO Ethos at Kosnic for a greener planet

Eco Ethos World

Our planet is currently facing many environmental challenges, such as global warming, climate change, air/water/soil pollution, and overwhelmed waste disposals. Over the last few decades,  the exploitation of our planet and degradation of our environment has risen at an alarming rate. It is now more urgent than ever for every one of us to take necessary actions to  protect our planet and our children’s future.

At Kosnic, we are playing our part though our innovations and enhancements in product design, manufacturing and services.

Manufacturing and supply chain control

As a long-established lighting manufacturer (since 1995), Kosnic has in-depth knowledge and control over our design and manufacturing processes as well as our supply chain of components. In recent years, we’ve made great efforts and investments to enhance our manufacturing facilities and processes to minimise our environmental and social impact. We have also strengthened our IQC process to ensure all our components and third-party products are fully compliant with local environment legislations EU ROHS/REACH directives.

Eco design and innovations

Emergency solution with lithium batteries

Kosnic is one of the earliest companies to produce LED emergency conversion modules with Lithium batteries. In 2021, Kosnic has completely removed environmentally harmful Ni-Cad batteries from our product ranges.

Modular luminaires - Minimising plastic and EEE waste

Modular design does not just provide the user with flexibility, but also allows easier repairs and upgrades with minimum waste. In 2011 Kosnic launched their first modular LED bulkhead, to include our patented LED DD module and plug-in emergency module.

Modular design

This Logo applies to all products that contain detachable functional modules such as emergency modules, LED engines and Sensors.

Higher energy efficiency

As one the earliest LED lighting manufacturers in UK, over the years we have been continuously improving our products energy efficiency, such as the new Nimbus III LED High bay which achieves energy efficiency of 160lm/W.

Ultra high efficiency

This Logo applies to all products that have an energy

efficiency of 120lm/W or higher