LED DD Lamp with Microwave Sensor

Microwave Motion Sensor Settings

The micro-switches on the lamp’s motion sensor allow the Detection Range, Dimming Setting, Time On and Ambient Light Level to be set.


 Detection Range

This is the radius of the spherical detection zone after mounting the sensor light at a height of 2.5m. Set the switches to the detection range required.


Dimming Range

When the dimming setting is OFF (switch in 1 position), the lamp will turn off completely. When set to ON (switch in 0 position) the lamp stays on at a dimmed level and raises the light level when motion is detected. The ambient light level is ignored when the dimming setting is ON.

Time on

The light can be set to stay on for various periods of time between approx. 8 seconds and 30 minutes. Any movement detected before this time has elapsed will re-start the timer. It is recommended that the shortest time settings be applied for adjusting the detection zone and for performing testing.

Ambient Light Level

The ambient light level can set a threshold below which the lamp will operate. The lamp may be set to come on in daylight or it may be set to come on only if the ambient light level is low or dark.

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