The Mauna downlights provide a brilliant source of light in this Kitchen install!

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Mulu can be used as an exit sign or as an emergency bulkhead luminaire by using the adaptable self-adhesive exit graphics provided to indicate escape routes as necessary. https://t.co/u1i379SLO5
Aliso is a versatile fire rated downlight, with fixed IP65 and fixed or tilt IP20 bezel options all available in white, chrome and satin chrome.

In stock now! https://t.co/qhXOhblunf
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The latest Evolve 5 catalogue is available now, download your copy now! https://t.co/Ow8599nAC9

Full of brilliant luminaires and lighting solutions, including the Mulu emergency bulkhead, the new Aliso fire rated downlight and a wide range of surface luminaires and LED lamps. https://t.co/NWwMD1ANt1
The new Alden panels are great in visually demanding task areas such as offices and schools. Save up to 50% energy usage compared to florescent fittings with these energy efficient panels which have a high lumen output of 3200lm.

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Introducing the new Aliso fire rated downlight, in stock now!

Aliso is available in IP20 or IP65 with a Tilt model in IP20. This downlight has a selection of fixed bezel colour options. Pair Aliso with a GU10 LED lamp for energy efficient Higher power and high light output https://t.co/tQ04RuwfPr