Vomo – AI Spectrum Auto-Tuning Retail Spotlight

Vomo - Black and White

Take a look at Vomo in action!

As we all know, everything looks good under natural sunlight. It’s because the natural sunlight emits the full colour spectrum in light, meaning it contains all the hues that our eyes can see. But artificial light sources, like incandescent, halogen, or LED lights, can’t match the colour quality of sunlight. They only have some parts of the spectrum, and they can make things look dull or distorted.


In places like high-end retailers, supermarkets, and art galleries, it is extremely important to have good lights that can bring out the true colour of the items on display. Good lighting can enhance the quality, texture, and appearance of products, as well as influence the mood, perception, and behaviour of  consumers.

The Vomo range of retail luminaire are designed to fullfill such requirement. An AI algorithm was developed to detect and analyse the colour composition of the targeting object and fine-tune the light spectrum to bring out the true vibrant colour.

Take a look at some of Vomo’s other fantastic features:

  • Camera based footfall tracking with report
  • Smart app enabled control via Bluetooth
  • Two built-in sensors (camera)
  • Wide gamut covering light spectrum for all application requirements
  • 360° rotation (horizontal), 90° adjustable (vertical)
  • Available in black and white
Vomo Graphic