Kosnic’s Universal Emergency Module


What is a Universal Emergency Module?

As an exciting development in the world of lighting, Kosnic’s Universal Emergency Module (UEM) is here and not to be underestimated. Our UEM is suitable for ALL LED luminaires (Class III) with a separate external LED driver, regardless of their manufacturer, meaning less fuss for you. Both innovative and unique, it’s the ONLY universal emergency module of its kind that uses Adaptive Current Control (ACC) – developed at our Kosnic Technology Centre.

So, what’s ACC and how does it help?

Due to ACC the UEM’s built-in LED driver finds the forward voltage of the LED module and automatically adjusts the output current to provide a predefined “constant wattage”, around 3W. It is because of this that you can guarantee any class III luminaire will have the required 3 hours of light required in an emergency situation, as stated by BS 5266. This product has a granted patent (Instant Emergency Conversion GB 2 503 708) and pending patent on the ACC technology.

What are the features of the UEM?

The UEM has some great features such as the following:

For more features and specification details please download our data sheet here.

Is the UEM plug and play ready?

Yes, our UEM is designed for easy installation for any existing LED luminaires that have a separate external driver. DC jack connectors are often found on LED panels and downlights. For LED Luminaires with a DC jack: a three-way connector is provided for easy installation. For LED Luminaires without  a DC jack: The input lead of the luminaire and the output lead of the driver may be stripped, so the emergency module output can be connected in-line via a junction box. An additional connection lead with tails is provided.

For more information or to place your order email sales@kosnic.com.